Florians was in the 90s one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the emerging neighbourhood of Crouch End. Then owned and managed by Franco (from Sicily) and Onisto-Arnie ( from Asolo Veneto). Florians, over the years, has built up quite a reputation for its excellent Italian/ Mediterranean food and the locals have repaid the owners and team with their continued loyalty and support.

The idea of Florians comes from the need of bringing back an authentic Italian family restaurant in Crouch End with personality and a soul. It also has a front facing bar serving food all day on a relax atmosphere, with its own separate menu. While the menu will propose Italian classic dishes and Italian stuzzichini, the restaurant menu will be true to the Italian traditional cuisine but revised by the owners, for the enjoyment of their customers.

Florians 2 reopens with the partnership of Franco, and Simon, new to Crouch End, who is an established restaurateur and proud owner of the Marylebone restaurant ’2Veneti’.

The Italian wine list and grappa collection once offered by the original Florians, will be once again proposed to ensure customer enthusiasm with current wine trends.

The restaurant will also offer alfresco dining in their patio during the summer months