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Florians 2

Florians² is a venue  with a personality – offering to guests honest Italian dining with specialities form all over Italy, all in a familiar surrounding. Franco and the team will entertain you while tasting the great flavours of Italy!

Our front facing bar offer all day casual dining to give a chance to guests to enjoy a nice pasta dish or the classic Steak sandwich all accompanied by a glass of good Italian wine!


Bar Set Menu 2 courses £14.50 ( * ) Please choose from a starter and a main

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ANTIPASTI / Starters

Bruschetta Classica chopped tomato and fresh basil     £5.50*

Tartare di biettola & mousse di caprino

Beetroot tartare with goat cheese mousse      £7.50*

Insalata di Rucola 

Rocket salad with pears, parmesan and balsamic dressing      £7.50*

Burrata heritage mix tomatoes and basil salad         £7.50*

Sarde in Saor

Fried sardines pickled in wine and vinegar, with sultanas, pine nuts and onion on grilled polenta £7.95*

Vitello Tonnato 

Thinly sliced veal with tuna and capers mayonnaise                    £7.95*

Gamberi in padella

Prawns sautéed served with lemon sauce     £8.95

Fiori di zucca 

Deep fried courgette flower filled with ricotta and pistachio     £8.00 

SECONDI / Mains…

Penne alla Norma - Penne with tomato sauce, fried aubergines and grated salted ricotta cheese £8.50*

Melanzana alla Parmigiana - Baked aubergine with mozzarella cheese, Parmesan, basil and tomato sauce  £10.95*

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese - Fresh homemade egg pasta with beef ragout cooked in tomato sauce £9.50*

Calamari Fritti

Deep fried squid served with tartare sauce                          £10.00*

Chicken Cesar Salad   - Classic chicken salad with crunchy croutons and a garlic dressing £10.00*

Salmone alla griglia - 

Pan-fried salmon served with asparagus and lemon sauce £12.00

Steak / Chicken sandwich

 Focaccia bread with grilled beef steak, deep fried chicken with English mustard and

 mayo dressing served with roast potatoes   £12.50

Milanese di pollo 

Deep fried breaded breast of chicken "Alla Milanese" with rocket and cherry tomatoes £11.95


Tiramisu’ Our version of a tiramisu’                                                   £6.00                                                             

Crema D’Annunzio con amaretti, cioccolato e salsa al pistacchio       £6.50              

Mascarpone, chocolate chip and amaretto cream with pistachio sauce

Salame al cioccolato con gelato alla nocciola                                   £6.00

Chocolate salami with hazelnut ice-cream

Profiterole with Vanilla custard cream, chocolate sauce             £6.00                                   

Affogato Ice cream served with espresso coffee                                   £ 5.00

Ice Cream (vanilla/hazelnut/chocolate, pistachio)            £2.00 EACH

Sorbets (lemon/orange/mango)                         £2.00 EACH

Vin Santo e Cantuccini                 £ 9.50

Tentacolo di polipo scottato con caponata di melanazane alla Siciliana

Pan fried octopus tentacle with sweet and sour Sicilian vegetable caponata
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Sarde in saor con polenta alla griglia

“Sweet & sour” sardines marinated in vinegar with onion, pine nuts and sultanas with grilled polenta
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Trebi’ Trebbiano Talamonti, Abruzzo

Gl. £5.20 Caraffe £20.00 Bottle £26.00
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Prosecco di Treviso “Il Fresco”

Fresco stands for fresh, aromatic and lively Glera grace with lovely citrus hints
Gl. £5.00 Caraffe £18.50 Bottle £24.00
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Vitello tonnato con capperi e peperoni

Thinly sliced veal with tuna & capers mayonnaise with roasted peppers
£ 9.50
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Tortelli ripieni di burrata e tartufo con ragout bianco di vitello

Tortelloni filled with burrata and truffle with white veal ragout
£9.95 / £ 13.95
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Christmas Parties

 Book a table for your Christmas and enjoy a 3 course menu with glass of Prosecco on arrival and bread and olives ready on the table waiting for you and your guest to enjoy!
Christmas crackers included on the price!
 Florians², the perfect venue to host your event

wine tasting

Florians² wine lounge has a sharing table for up to 10 people, book the entire area and enjoy a unique package of unique wine to taste during the evening.   
Bespoke package available on request!

Private events

Florians² is the perfect venue for your private event.
We can host your launch party, company party or any other corporate event from 10 up to 100 people.

Small Gathering

Sit down meal for up to 20 people,  ideal for birthday, anniversary (or divorce party), christening or any other celebration you may have in mind we offer a set menu for you and your guest to enjoy your event with Italia flavours!

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You can also call us for reservation  0208 347 9581